.In July 2012 we opened our hair salon which specializes in treating lice. Our Salon was the first of this kind in Israel

.Since then, we have treated handred of clients wih lice, who cometo us from all over Israel, as well as clients from abroad.

.Our lice treatment is held in a calm and tranquil environment, making is thorough and successful

Lice treatment:
A check/Checkup combing process:


Lice treatment - Our lice treatment includes two sessions. In the first session, we use anti-lice product and a thorough comb with which we remove all the lice and 90-95% of the nits. A week to ten days later, the client returns for a second session where we repeat this combing process, ensuring a completely clean scalp.

Cost - 1st session: 280 NIS for long hair, 180 NIS for short hair; 2nd session: 70 NIS

A check - A check is held if the client is not sure if they have lice. By combing through ther hair thoroughly, we can come to a conclusion and proceed accordingly.

Cost - 70 NIS (If the client has lice and decides to have lice treatment in our salon, the checking cos is waived).

Check-up combing process - this process is held only after a lice treatment at the salon. It is a single appointment held a week/month after the treatment in which we comb to ensure the total absence of all lice and nits.

Cost - 90 NIS weekly comb, 165 NIS monthly comb


Various styles for boys and girls

Cost - 65 NIS for a short hair haircut, 75 NIS for a long hair haircut